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    Default Birch Bark Flashing

    I have an old cape farmhouse in Maine and all of the windows are flashed with strips of birch bark. Does anyone have a date when this was done to houses?

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    Default Re: Birch Bark Flashing

    This was done by the local indian tribes who wanted to use their canoe building skills in other areas

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    Default Re: Birch Bark Flashing

    Hi. The use of birch bark is occasionally found under trim, in roof valleys and on the gaps between roof boards.It cannot be used to date a house other than it went out of use when sheet products such as building paper became available.

    Dating houses is both an art and science. The science is to look for the technologies used building the building such as saw marks on the wood, wrought-cut-or wire nails, framing methods, sizes of window glass, door hardware, and many others. The art is understanding the time periods certain styles of trim, floor plans, proportions, orientation, etc. were used. Also one needs to be aware that renovations likely occurred over the decades.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.

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