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    Question what is the average pressure of a deep well subm. pump?

    Have a low water pressure situation! have a submersible deep well pump. three wire with control box! pumps lots of water from well,only 20/25 lbs. have to set the pressure switch down to like 10 lbs to get the pump to stop running all the time! tried new pressure switch, gauge, check valve and the same! i set the air in bladder tank, keeps air fine and no leaks anywhere! no swirling in water level in top of well or water coming up anywhere! going to pull pump, just wanted to know if anyone could tell me the approximate water pressure out of the pump if running,, to the tank so i can check before i pull the pump and find out its ok! also the amperage running is correct for a good pump! maybe a leak down in well?? thanks in advance for any help!

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    Default Re: what is the average pressure of a deep well subm. pump?

    Mine, I pump to 60lbs with no problem. A leak in the line may be a problem or the pump may just be worn out.

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    Default Re: what is the average pressure of a deep well subm. pump?

    How deep is the well? How many HP is the pump?

    Take the depth of the well in feet, divide that by 2.31*, add that to the PSI pressure at the top, and that's the pressure AT THE PUMP. Submersible pumps must typically be higher HP than above-ground pumps, because of the extra pressure at the pump. The deeper the well, the bigger the pump must be to achieve the same pressure and flow rate.

    (*For every 2.31 feet of elevation change, there is one PSI pressure change. That is to say, a column of water 231 feet tall with no pressure applied at the top will have a pressure of 100 PSI at the bottom. The diameter of the pipe is irrelevant.)
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