Hello, I am frustrated. We have lived in our house for about 8 1/2 years and when we bought the house, it had been completely redone. Very quickly the window frames for about 5 of the windows have broken. I do not know the brand of the windows but can tell you that the are single hung, tilt out windows. Very plain windows, most likely from Home Depot or Lowes. When you open the windows, the top part of the window slams down. The metal pieces inside the window frame are all broken. When the top slams down, I can see that it is off its track. It is also almost impossible to push the window back up. I hope I explained enough to give someone an idea of what Im talking about.When I say 5 of the windows, I live in a very small house and the few other windows are of a completely different brand and style. I am concerned about this for safety reasons and also because it is very inconvient. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? Should we replace? Also, is there a way to figure out what the brand is? Thank you so much.