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    I'm looking for anyone with a similar experience. We're interested in doing some changes to the front of our home. We are trying to add an enclosed entry way which we'd like to do in a brick. Our home is from the 30s and according to
    our contractor the brick is a different size, color, and texture than modern bricks. Does anyone have any experience with matching bricks for older homes?

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Find a large concrete/stone/brick plant and supply house. They will have a few samples in the showroom and lots of catalogs. I was able to fairly closely match the texture and odd colors of my 99 year old apartment building when I had to rebuild the foundation of the five story rear porches. There was about four different colors of bricks and now after about 8 years of natural weathering you can not tell the difference between the old brick and the new brick.

    You will have to special order a minimum of a "cube" of brick and if it is more then a cube then two cubes etc. and the supply house will deliver it. There are brick manufacturers that realize that there is a business in manufacturing new brick to match old brick and I am confident that you will find a fairly close match. A cube of bricks is about 500 bricks depending on the size of the brick. Many Masonry contractors do not like to do "old work" because of the difficulty of estimating the job and may not be aware of the huge variety of brick that you can special order. You will have to do the footwork yourself.
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    Check with Old Carolina Brick located in North Carolina.
    They have hand made brick.
    Also can do a special order to match.
    And yes you will be required to order by the cube.

    Then you can check Agusta Brick in Agusta, GA.this is a very old company also has hand made brick.

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