We actually live in a relatively new house (2005) that we are renting. Since we moved in a couple of months ago, we've had to replace all of the light bulbs in the house, and many 3 times. We've been replacing with energy efficient bulbs when we can. We don't run much in the way of electronics, just a standard coffee maker and a DVD player is plugged in downstairs. Plus the occasional laptop. Most of the time all the lights are turned off during the day and the TV is not on.

Now the light in the upstairs bathroom has gone out, not the fan, which is on the same switch, just the light. I've tested light bulbs to make sure they are 'live' but they don't work in that outlet.

Thoughts? We have small kids and are worried about fire hazard, and our landlord has found any reason to charge us for any repair, they find us at fault for many things that I would consider wear-and-tear. So we feel like we are in a bind for getting this addressed.