I recently installed a ceiling fan in my master bedroom, replacing an overhead light fixture. I upgraded the mount and electrical box as was required for the heavier fixture.

Three sets of wires run through the overhead electrical box.

1 - Red (switch), white, black
1 - White and black - over to outlets on the far side of the room
1 - white and black - to closet lights on pull string, and two outlets on near side of the room. (These are now powerless)

The ceiling fan had white, black and blue wires + green ground wire.

I connected all white wires from ceiling and fan together. Connected the blue and the black from the ceiling fan to the RED wire for the switch. Then I connected all remaining BLACK wires from the ceiling. The ceiling fan works great and is powered by the light switch.

As mentioned above, the outlets on the far side of the room work in this configuration - at one point they didn't but i tightened all connections and they now work. Something isn't correct on the near side of the room because the outlets and closet lights on pull strings are not responding.

Just wondering if those that understand electrical more than I see a wiring fix I could handle. If that appears correct, I may need to call in the pros.

Thanks for your help!