I have a home that was built in 1880 in SE PA. The basement gets -0- moisture coming in, at least to the extent that I have not once in the four years of living here, had visible water on the floors of the basement. The walls of the basement are a crumbling, constant mess making horse hair plaster over brick (which is also crumbling). Also, there are white crstals that form on the walls about midway up. Even where I mortared over large cracks in the walls - the white crystals have found their way through the new, gray mortar, and show themselves growing on the exterior! What a disaster this is becoming!

These pictures are of an interior wall, in the middle of the basement. Water does not get here for certain. In hindsight, I should have added pictures of the crystals. Maybe I will do that tonight, especially if requested.

How can I fix this????

...can't post pictures because I am new :/...