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If you have not bought your generator yet, you might look into an RV generator.
W o w THANKS Ordjen, I had never heard of these. A quick scan revealed that they are much more costly than a standard generator ($3000.00 - $5000.00) but I will still do research on them as an option. Thanks again!

I don't know what capacity you need, but Honda makes a series of extremely quiet inverter generators.
Yes, they sent me their catalog which I'm looking at. On youtube there is a video where a guy is standing next to one and talking. He did not have to shout and at times you could barely notice the generator. I am praying that I'll be able to afford one because they are truly the best built generators on the market. I don't remember seeing a propane unit from them though, and that would probably the only reason I wouldn't want one. I'll have to look closer at their catalog.

Years ago, there was a premium hi-fi loudspeaker manufacturer named Warfedale which used double walled construction on its speakers.
I used to have a pair of Warfedale's.

BTW, they are still very much in business and still sound incredible