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    I am thinking of using a powered drain auger on a floor drain. Since all the pipes are underground, or under concrete, I have no way of knowing how far it is to the main line. If this 1/4 inch cable, designed for maximum 1 1/2" pipes, goes into the main 4" line, is it going to tie itself in knots?

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    If it hits a solid obstruction it could.
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    No do not use a 1/4" cable down that drain!! Use a 3/8 cable that will go through the trap. I only use a 1/4" cable for tubs or lavatory drains or even down toilets but I have done this for 29 years. A 1/4 cable can snap or break while "down" the line then you will have to call a plumber to extract it for you. And while snaking the line make sure you go all the way to the toilet, your main line, you should feel the cable almost drop out of your hands. Because your going from an 1 1/2 line to a 3 or 4 inch line

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