Spring time we had a new tub surround installed with new shower and tub plumbing. After install noticed that hot water pressure was extreemly low and the pressure dropped the more we increased the amount of hot water, to the point that it took more than 10 minutes to fill tub.
Contacted the maker of the new plumbing. They came out and changed out the cartridges (what does that do?) that didn't help very much still take 9 or 10 or more minutes to fill tub. Several more trips out by manufactor then they finally put a pressure tester on lines. Cold water pessure fine, but with the hot water, the pressure before entering valve was 65 lbs and after the valve 10 lbs. Obvious problem was the valve, obvious solution was to change out the valve, which plumber just did with no appreciable inprovement. He checked to make sure we had copper through out the house (built in 1969) and checked the water pressure throuugh out the house. He is stumped on what the issue is and what to do about the problem. We have great water pressure everywhere in house both before and after the new install. Shower usable, but with my thick hair it does take a while to rinse shampoo and conditioner out as well as getting soap rinsed off. Any idea about a solution so we can get back our really good water pressure in that tub/shower?