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    Default support for granite tile island

    I am considering building an island with granite tile countertops.I would like to overhang on one side 12 inches so we can eat at it. I plan to use 2 3/4 inch sheets of plywood and 1/4 inch backerboard to try to sturdy everthing up but don't know if this is enough.Would I also need to add additional support underneath the overhang to prevent it from sagging? I would like the island to be about 5ft wide and sit on 24in deep base cabinets.

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    Default Re: support for granite tile island

    I would think that only 12" of over hang wouldn't be too heavy to go without supports.

    Be sure to lay the grain of one layer of plywood one way and the other layer the other way and glue them together.

    If you're really worried, you could put a couple of legs out on the corners or decorative brackets made of wood or metal.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: support for granite tile island

    I would probally put at least put 3 bar supports under the overhang or if one end is at the wall put a strip of wood at the wall and 2 supports. wood sags over time though two pieces of 3/4 aren't going to sag much if any. and granite tile isn't going to be adding any serious amount of weight. but you could get some flex or bounce especially if you have son's like mine.

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