I'm looking for advice. In our recently purchased home the basement has some type of 12x12 vinyl or linoleum tiles which are curling and in some cases have come off the concrete floor, especially along edges of the room. I was told by our inspector that they may contain small amounts of asbestos in the tile, and in the glue (which looks like it is black and has been spread). There is also some white crumbly stuff underneath (glue?). For now I will try to secure them down with some construction glue.

I would like to install laminate hardwood overtop at some point(to avoid disturbing them. If the tiles begin to curl again underneath will this wreck the floor? Is there any solution other than possibly scraping up the tiles (and exposing asbestos)? I thought of bolting some plywood down into the cement... but would like to minimize raising the floor height (relatively low basement).

Any advice is greatly appreciated!