The ramifications of not pulling building permits in the past were only seen later in the history of the home. When a poorly done reno, retrofit, upgrade etc. was done it inevitably came back to haunt the DIYer or the new owner. Without going into the old if it was done to code it was most likely done right argument, l can tell you whats going on around this part of the world. Here in Ontario Canada our government(s) believe we need to be protected from ourselves. Cigarettes come with graphic photos of lung tumours, all consumer products must have both English and French text, and in Ontario I must pull a $100.00 permit to change a toilet plus the cost of a plumbing inspection.
Several individuals here today are unable to sell their homes.
Since the mid 90’s when 99 % of all government records went digital all permits that were pulled in most municipalities are filed against the property related to the project. In the process of a sale the legal description of a property is kept on file outlying briefly what existed on the property at the conclusion of the last change of ownership. If the general description did not, and this an example only, describe a inground pool, finished basement, 2 car garage etc. etc. The sale may be put on hold until the seller can produce paperwork or prove these things were in place when he or she purchased. If it is determined that any changes were done without proper permits and inspections then the pain starts. This practice is so new the municipalities have yet, as far as I am informed, have a policy in place to follow.
I truly believe that doing a job right the first time is the only way to go. I believe that when done correctly to or beyond code is a good thing. I always say “would you let your children or grandchildren play under this rickety roof”. I’ve been preaching the importance of getting the proper permits required for years, especially to business partners and clients. I’m not being political here, yes permits and the fines for not pulling them certainly generate revenue and I’m sure some legislators don’t care why they are required other than the revenue generated.
I would be very interested in hearing the opinions of both homeowners as well as builders on this.