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    Default syphon back up for sump

    I have a sump syatem in a cabin that works ok but when the power goes out the back up battery system only works for a short period so i need a syphon sytem that will keep the basement from flooding. Is there a way to syphon the sump hole when there is no power?

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    Default Re: syphon back up for sump

    if you're on town water and not a well, yes there is a system that uses the town water pressure to activate a syphon. i don't know much about it but i know it exists.

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    Default Re: syphon back up for sump

    MLB is referring to a venturi system. It works on the same principle as a garden hose end sprayer, only in this case it draws about 3 gallons of water from the sump for every gallon of city water it uses. depending on your water rates, it might be cheaper to get a dedicated backup 12v pump with a large deep cycle battery. That should run for days.

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