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    Default Need new water heater option

    I currently have a oil fired Peerless boiler that heats a two story 1680sqft home and provides hot water via an Amtrol boiler mate. I belive its an indirect hot water heater system. The boiler mate has started to leak just after the 6 yr mark no warrantee left. To replace the tank will cost $1500 to $2800 depending on which type of tank I go with. However my concern has been the cost of replacing it and also the current cost of oil at $3.60 gal. Am I better off going with a high efficency electric water heater? Only two of us in the home. Indirect or electric to save? I figure I burn at least 1 gallon of oil a day to heat the water (maybe a little less) but $3.60 x 30days= $108 a month for hot water.
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