In the remodeling of my home I've had to redo a lot of things, and part of that has now required me to move the hot water heater into what used to be my very small attached garage, which is now become my utility room. All seemed to be fine with my planning of everything, until I suddenly realized that I can't get the air out of the hot water heater pipes.

Typically or should I say on the old hot water heater the pressure relief valve was on the top of the hot water heater, which made burping the air out a breeze. Although on the new one the pressure relief valve is on the side, and because I've brought the pipes out of the floor up to the hot water heater and then back down into the floor again to feed the various parts of the house (as I have no basement). Now I am finding air gets trapped in the pipes with no way to release it.

I've been considering all kinds of ways to fix it, but I can't come up with anything that would work long term, anyone got any idea's for me? Thank You for reading this, and any help anyone can provide me