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Thread: Deck repair

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    Just bought a house with a questionable deck install.

    Likely he number 1 job is to flash the deck. It will be a bigger job that I'd like because the deck boards run perpendicular to the house. So I dont have the lux of pulling up a few boards and installing the flashing. And pulling every board is a lot more work. Suggestions?

    The number 2 job is the deck ledger board. The house is painted cedar. The wood is in good shape. But the last owner installed 2 boards (exterior sheathing, not HP, wood grain looks stamped, is rotting) below the cedar, butting the joint to the last row of cedar. That added sheathing is sandwiched between the ledger and the end joists of the house. The sandwiched sheathing board is rotting away.

    The ledger is bolted to the house using 1/2" lags that don't fully penetrate the joist. I plan to replace them with appropriate carriage bolts.

    Question. Should I replace the rotted sheathing or remove it and use a few washers on the carriage bolts to make up the space? If I replace it I will eliminate the but joint and lift and lap under the cedar.

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    1. Assuming that changing your top deck from perpendicular to parallel is not possible, you have to install your flashing in what you got.

    2. But before you deal with the flashing, you have to re-do the ledger. You need to remove the rotted parts and replace them. If you remove the ledger to do that, you will need to have a temporary support for the deck.

    The ledger lag bolts have to be long enough to go into wood. Carraige bolts can't be used here.

    Send photos if you can.

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    Default Re: Deck repair

    without seeing the deck,,,

    What DJ1 said plus;

    Since you'll be that far along when you remove the rotted ledger, I'd shorted the deck joists so a gap between the house and deck is created. If the deck is an independant structure with a gap of an inch or two the house will not rot out as has been.

    You may be rebuilding this deck all together. Sounds like it was built poorly from the beginning, and the first board that is normally installed has to be replaced.

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