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    Default Shower Moisture Venting Question

    Hello, I have a newly installed Shower Vent/fan that just currently just exhausts the moisture into my attic.

    My Question is, can I link the SHower Vent to an Existing VERTICAL Vent Stack? I'm imagining just cutting the Vent Stack and put in a WYE ABS fitting, connect the Shower to the WYE fitting, and the air/moisture goes out the stack.

    Is this to code/legal? Will it work?

    The reason I don't want to go Horizontal and put in a new vent tube out of a wall is because I don't have a hammer drill and bit to punch a 3" or 4" hole in my exterior wall.

    Do I just bite the bullet and go Horizontal?

    In my mind it seems easier to go Vertical using a Vent Stack.


    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Shower Moisture Venting Question

    The use of wet venting would eliminate the need for the individual vents. You can combine the vent of your sink, tub and toilet into a single one

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    Default Re: Shower Moisture Venting Question

    This is a duplicate post and has been answered elsewhere

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