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    Default Re: Boiler making a buzzing sound

    Hey Pelton -

    Thanks! I'm a rookie but willing and able to learn. I tried tightening everything down and using the 'dollar bill technique' and conveniently enough it seems to have done the trick for now. If it springs back up I'll dig a little deeper with the new thermostat issue, There's a semi-modern t-stat on the 2nd floor that was here when we moved in, that's why I felt the one I installed would be ok.

    Thanks again! Happy holidays!


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    Default Re: Boiler making a buzzing sound

    This is an older thread now but I wanted to add my two cents after experiencing this. I had dirty contacts on the RA832A as well. The dollar bill trick did not work for me (perhaps too much deposition) however a five dollar contact burnishing tool from my local electrical supply store (can be found cheaper on the web) soon solved the issue. I could see residue on the burnishing tool after only a few seconds of use.

    I hope this helps.

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