My wife & I purchased our first "real" house after living in a manufactured home during all of our married life.
The house is a small, ranch-style house on a concrete block foundation. We were told it was built in the '40's, but if so it's built suprisingly well.
My question is about the ductwork for the central heat & air. We recently put in a new gas heater & it seemed that when it first kicks on, cold air comes out of the registers. It eventually warms up, but it's not real hot. I contacted the company we purchased it from & they came right over & checked it out. He told me that the registers weren't insulated & that was the reason I was feeling the cold air initially. He stated that they need to be foil wrapped at the joints & foil "bubble wrap" around the ductwork. He stated that fiberglass insulation wouldn't last long. He gave me a quote of "about $1000" to do the job & that it would take a good days work to complete. I called to get a second opinion & he told me the same thing except that he wanted to use the fiberglass & that it holds up well. He climbed into the crawlspace & checked everything & said the ductwork was in good condition. He gave me a quote of $1290.
The house is about 32'L x 28"W. I looked at insulation at Home Depot...the foil "bubble wrap" type. If I figured right, the insulation & foil tape would run about $400-500. Is this a job I could do myself or should I leave it to a pro?
Also, while the crawlspace does have plastic sheathing on the ground, there is no insulation between the floor joists. Should there be some type of insulation there?
Thanks for any help.