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    Just purchased vacation home at beach in SC. Built 1992 on cement slab foundation. Removing carpet and would like to put in hardwood floors. What kind of flooring best? Any problems with hardwood over slab foundation?

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    You need to ask yourself: what's the best floor for this house, considering all facts, such as: how much use will I get out this vacation home, price and investment, will it be rented out, how long do I want to keep it, is it in a flood area, etc, etc.

    There is no problem in hardwood over slab, if done correctly.

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    if its directly on concrete dont use real hardwood. engineered hardwood, laminate or tile are your best bet. hardwood is too tempermental and can absorb moisture from the slab if the slab doesnt have plastic directly under it to prevent hte concrete from wicking up moisture
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    If I were in a sandy beach area, I would think long about putting in a hardwood floor. The best of the floor finishes will not hold up to sandy grit being ground into them.

    There are many interesting unglazed procelain tiles which would hold up to such traffic. I would also think about a central vacumn system toi assist in rapidly getting rid of grit, regardless of wood or tile floor.

    If real wood floor is still desired, research looking into pine flooring with only an oil finish, rather than urethane. I would let the pine age naturally. Any stain will present touch up problems. Pine will age naturall to a nice medium reddish patina. Some of that old pine was actually very hard and durable.

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