I have a hardwood floor on the second floor of my 1880ís home that has a significant squeak. There is an area of high traffic that the hardwood planks were laid perpendicular to each other in this area so they donít key together. Based on the three wood screws I found along the perpendicular edge that appear several decades old I imagine this squeak began a long time ago (I have been in the house about 4 months). Whenever you step on one side or the other of the perpendicular plane where the planks meet the floor flexes about 1/16Ē down with a loud squeak accompanying it. This is due to uneven floors based on my observations. They are not obscenely uneven, but uneven nonetheless. My wife is really beating me up about this squeak so I am trying my best to get it quieted down as much as possible.

I purchased some break away screws in a kit that was designed to tend to floor squeaks. After driving about 20 screws into the floor the squeak subsided a bit, but is still very audible. Before I turn my beautiful hardwood into a holy mess I wanted to ask if anyone out there has experience tending to stubborn squeaky floors and can give me some advice. My method has been to walk over the area then drive a screw down into the spot that I hear a noise. Sometimes it hits a joist sometimes goes into one of the planks. The wood is fir and is original to the house. Overall the floors are quiet, but in this one spot it is crazy loud. Is it normal to drive so many screws in one area and still have the squeak? Are there any other methods for removing the squeaks on a second floor hardwood floor? Can this be professionally fixed for a reasonable price?