Looking for a little input on the "exposed" wiring now. I will be passing the romex through the floor (in pvc conduit) to a junction box in the empty cabinet that houses the dishwasher. From that box is a shirt trip to the disposal switch, which is mounted inside the cabinet under the sink. Not my favorite location, but it makes it impossible for a child to grind fingers with that setup, so I guess it does not present a danger.
Anyway, for the wiring in the frequently used under sink cabinet, do I want to stick with the romex, or but a few feet of armored cable?
I want to keep up with both code and basic safety here, and I think plastic sheathed wiring anywhere that it can be touched is a no-no.

In moderately related news, the installer of prior wiring in my house decided to mount receptacles in metal boxes, using romex cable, inside the above-counter cabinets, meaning runs of romex are just hanging out with the mixing bows and spices unguarded. Look for my cursing about changing that out in the future, as I will be patching holes in my old custom cabinets.