Last winter my husband installed a basement-level woodstove to heat our 1650 sq. foot side-hall colonial (basement is an additional 825 sq. feet). He had removed the insulation from the basement and installed vents so the heat rose to the upper floors. The stove provided sufficient heat and lowered our propane bill (which was the goal), but needs to be redesigned to ensure proper ventillation/draft. This redesign will likely not occur until 2014. In the interim, we are supplimenting our propane-fueled heater with a portable radiant heater (heats up to 1,000 sq. ft.). What is the best location for this heater? He maintains it is in the basement, where the heat will rise to the upper floors. I think it best to place it on the main floor of the house since the basement is in use only 1-2 nights/wk, and thermostats are on the main and upper floors.

Suggestions? I realize this situation is less than ideal, but until we are able to save enough for the redesign of the woodstove, we need to consider other options such as this radiant heater.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!