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    Default 1850 Farmhouose Windows

    We recently purchased a short sale 1850 farmhouse in south western NY. The previous owner's family members removed the top portion of 4 windows because they had stained glass in them. Any suggestions on where I could located 4 wood windows 2' 10" wide by 2' 3" high? Or perhaps a carpenter who could build such a window? I do not want to replace the entire 4 windows.

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    If you're still looking for someone to help replace the windows I'm sure you can find a historic window restorer in your area who could build some for you. However, if you can't find anyone then you can try a company I work with locally for our historic replacement windows.

    They do all the builds for my company and they are excellent craftsman. I know that they will build and ship and even travel for projects sometimes.

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