My existing oil fired Utica boiler is at the end of its rated lifespan, and I figured I better get a start on shopping for a new one before I'm forced to make a quick uneducated decision on one.

I have about a 1,500 sq ft Cape Cod style home. Oil heat. Radiators. No central air. Presently have 2 zones (1st and 2nd fl, and a separate basement zone), but I was considering upgrading to a 3 zone to make the 2nd floor controllable. My existing furnance is a boiler whereas I don't have a separate hot water heater.

My goals for a new unit would be maximum efficiency possible, and keeping the relatively small footprint of space. I also considered contacting the local Natural Gas provider for a quote for installing a gas line, as there is existing gas lines on the next street over.

If anyone has any recommendations on brands, styles, and any tips or what to stay away from, I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks!