Well you may be done here but I have a suggestion which may benefit others. The idea of shifting the drawer face is good- first get all the clearance you can elsewhere. Then edge-rip the back of the moldings on an angle, leaving what will be the inner face alone but making the outer edge thinner on top of the door and on the problem side- leave the other side molding as-is. If you need more space, fit the still-too-thick molding in place and trace around it. Now cut through the paper on the sheetrock then dig enough of it out so that you get your needed clearance with the trim in place. Caulking will hide the edges. You may have to back-shim the joints where you thinned the moldings to get the faces to match, and you should glue the joints. If you're a perfectionist you may also want to thin the outer edge of the casing so that the molding lays flat on the inner edge at the jamb.

Betcha you're the only person who ever notices that something isn't quite right there!