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Thread: Sewer smell.

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    Default Sewer smell.

    I get sewer gas collecting around our entry way which is on the north east side of our house. We have a septic tank on the west of the house but the roof vent for sewr gas is on the south pitch of the roof. Can I put an extension on the pipe to raise the gas higher so it does not got o the ground? Bacteria in tank has not helped.

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    The vent pipe can be raised. Not sure if that will solve your problem. It may require a smoke test to find the source.


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    agree with John, but will add that you should have a clean out on both the septic tank side of the house and one on the opposite side. Its possible that you are missing the cap on the clean out, it is loose, or the fitting for the cap is cracked (by the lawnmower or something) and is the source of the gas. The smoke test will help find it or confirm it as the source.

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