Ok, so we have a problem with water in the end of the yard by the street. When it rains we have about 4 inches deep of water about 15 feet across. The neighbors next to us have the same problem but their water goes across their whole yard next to the street. The water is surrounded on three sides by the driveway (north south), the street (east west), and the property line (north south). I was wondering if I could put in a dry well or french drain somehow. The only way I could go with the french drain would be towards the house which is about 75' away from the water. We are here in north carolina about 5 miles from the ocean, so the soil is about 4 inches topsoil and hardpack sand underneath that. We also do not have a basement. Maybe a drywell where the water is and a french drain to another drywell about 50 feet away? Thanks.

Ps. i tried to attach a drawing to help but it wouldnt work