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    Default Re: Rafter holders any good?

    Thanks for responding everyone. I also sent an email to Simpson Strong-Tie. Here is their response:

    Thank you for your inquiring about the installation of the LSSU hanger. The installation shown in the 2nd picture is upside down. This is not the intended installation for this hanger. This would dramatically change the amount of load carrying capacity that the hanger has. The uplift, which is rated at 160% would have to be reduced to 100% to become the new down load. The download rating (100%) could possibly be increased to become the new uplift load. The LSSU hangers can be sloped either up or down, and in your case, installing them at the bottom with an upward slope should be the right installation unless otherwise specified by the building designer.

    Engineering Support Technician
    Simpson Strong-Tie

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    Default Re: Rafter holders any good?

    Happy to help.

    You're welcome.

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