My daughter and I recently moved into my parents' house to care for my mother, who since my father's death has apparently let the house go. This house was built in 1905 with maple beams that seem to be petrified, since it requires an impact wrench to affix drywall or paneling to the walls.
My first concern is a "mushroomy" smell in certain areas upstairs. My initial thought is mold, but I am now wondering if the smell might also be caused by stray cats (urine and feces) that have come in and out of the house over the years according to my mother through the space between the first and second floors into an attic/closet. I am hoping for advice on how to get rid of the source and smell, since my daughter seems to be having a reaction to it (asthma-like symptoms). I don't have the resources to hire a professional to come in, and would like any remedies that may have worked for other homeowners with this problem. Thanks in advance for any advice.