I use mechanical timers to run the swimming pool equipment(back of house) and to turn on/turn off front lights mounted on pillars. The light timers have been replaced 3-4 times in last 6 years - probably by mistake - because they work for a week or so and then start going off at different times then set. The pool timers were updated 4 years ago but in the last month are doing the same thing: they are set to run from 10 am to 4 pm but instead run from 6 - 11 pm or later. The timer settings are correct but seem to be overridden by something in the electrical system.

I manually override both timers when I'm home but would appreciate a solution. My electrician can't figure it out - he wants to reset timers (again) or replace them (again). My engineer friends are stumped too. I'm goin' a little crazy and could use some advice. A clue: when timers turn on front lights, emitted light is very low. When I manually turn lights on, very bright light is emitted as is expected with the new bulbs and their wattage. Does that help?