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    Default Timers drivng me crazy!

    I use mechanical timers to run the swimming pool equipment(back of house) and to turn on/turn off front lights mounted on pillars. The light timers have been replaced 3-4 times in last 6 years - probably by mistake - because they work for a week or so and then start going off at different times then set. The pool timers were updated 4 years ago but in the last month are doing the same thing: they are set to run from 10 am to 4 pm but instead run from 6 - 11 pm or later. The timer settings are correct but seem to be overridden by something in the electrical system.

    I manually override both timers when I'm home but would appreciate a solution. My electrician can't figure it out - he wants to reset timers (again) or replace them (again). My engineer friends are stumped too. I'm goin' a little crazy and could use some advice. A clue: when timers turn on front lights, emitted light is very low. When I manually turn lights on, very bright light is emitted as is expected with the new bulbs and their wattage. Does that help?

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    Default Re: Timers drivng me crazy!

    I wonder if you have CFL lights that may not provide enough load to the electronic timers to function.

    But, you override the timer with an ordinary mechanical switch everything works fine.

    You can check this out by installing an ordinary incandescent light bulb (60W or greater) into a fixture being controlled.

    Voltage surges or outages can also confuse electronics. I once had a VCR "lock up" during a lightning strike. A month or two later we received another hit and the VCR returned to normal.
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    Default Re: Timers drivng me crazy!

    If the duration stays the same but the start time is delayed it may be due to power outages. Many timers have electric clocks.

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