I currently rent an apartment built in 1918, the walls are plaster and there are some original moldings and insets into the ceiling. There are some cracks, and the old plaster repairs are visible. Sometimes the paint chips off of the celing, and its peeling on the dumbwaiter's door. I have obtained permission to paint from my landlord and have painted a bit in the kitchen around the stove to create a cleanable surface instead of the flat paint that is currently on the rest of my apartment. I used KILLZ to cover the grease and then painted in a dark brown using Behr interior semi-gloss. Unfortunately all of the "character" (plaster unevenness and old cracks) show through. A paint store recommended paintable wallpaper, and some have sugguested applying fabric using starch. I'm terrified to damage the integrity of the apartment but desperate to paint and ideally I'd like to have my walls look nice instead of uneven. What can I do? What is safe for the walls? Is there a paint choice or type of roller to minimize? Should i use a certain kind of primer? What would wallpaper or lining paper do? Would it look like drywall or just out of place in this gem? I love my old home, but it needs some help!