Hey all,

I'm in a real bind here. My wife and I chose this decorative fireback, as the centerpiece of our backsplash, to go over our oven. However, here's the dilemma...we have no idea how to mount it....lol.

Basically, we have a concrete board wall to hang it on, it's a 15" x 15" cast iron piece weighing 35 lbs...so it's moderately heavy.

We've seen a number of pictures utilizing these firebacks as backsplash pieces, and they are much heavier than ours, but they don't really express how they did it.

I can't imagine any type of adhesive working on a 35 lbs pieces of metal, but if anyone has any thoughts, it'd be much welcomed. The only caveat is that we don't want to drill holes into it and use bolts that will show through the front of it.

Anyone will to help us figure this out? Pictures to come.

Thanks so much in advance,