I recently purchased a Generac GP5500 generator to get me thru hurricane Sandy up here in NY. The storm has passed and my power is back on. My question what should I do with the gasoline and the oil in the generator. I am hoping that I won't be needing the unit in the near future and would like to store it - either in my garage or leave outside with a tarp over it.

This is what I have done so far:
1 - Shut off the fuel supply to the engine and then proceeded to run the unit unit it shut down.
2 - The tank says it is on empty but looking inside - below the screen, I suspect a half a gallon, maybe less. I threw in a little stablilizer for now.
3 - Unlike my ariens snow blower the carburetor doesn't have a spring pin to push up and get that last bit of gasoline out of the unit, so not sure about that situation.

Some have recomended keeping the unit filled and running it monthly. I was told the genorator is not like a snow blower and should be run on a regular basis. This is contrary to what the manual says if you don't plan on using the thing.

The book says:
1 - add stablizer
2 - run until the unit stops and when it cools drop the oil
3 - refill the oil
4 - pull the spark plug - add 15ml of oil into the cylinder and plug up with a rag, pull the chord to lubricate, then put the spark plug back but don't connect,
5 - wipe down the unit and store.

So - i'm asking the pros - what is their take on this...
A - Gasoline and Oil(follow manual or follow other advise)
B - Is outside OK - with a tarp - (plastic or Canvas?)