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    Default Staining Limestone

    We're remodeling our kitchen and are converting a small enclosed back porch into a mudroom. There are limestone thresholds that were under two long-since removed exterior doors. I've chemically removed most of the paint from the limestone and I think I can carefully attack the residual stains with a belt or orbital sander. We'll be installing dark gray/green slate-colored porcelain tile on the kitchen and mudroom floor.

    Question: Can the limestone be stained to match the tile?

    I've seen some examples of exterior wood/deck stain in colors that I could blend to match the tile; I haven't seen any readily available wood stain in colors that would even come close. Since they area to cover is very small, I would hate to spend a fortune for a large quantity of a professional product. After staining I would use a concrete or heavy-duty tile/stone sealer to protect the surface.

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    Default Re: Staining Limestone

    You should not stain any kind of stonework or concrete with a stain designed for wood. One of the requirements of a wood stain is wiping off the excess before it drys. You can not do this with stonework properly. Use a stain designed for stonework such as H & C Stain Sealer. You can get this product at any good paint store or Home Improvement store. I've stained several shuffleboard courts with this sealer and it stands up well to weather and wear. Read the instructions well before you work with it. You will not get a perfect match but try several stains on a scrap piece of limestone before attempting your work on your project.

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    Default Re: Staining Limestone


    Whereas I would be leery of an oil based stain on your limestone, I don't see why something such as Minwax Water Based stain could not be used on limestone followed by some water based urethane.It comes in quite a few colors, many of them brighter than you would find in an oil based product.
    CaptTCB has a good idea about testing on a scrap of limestone first.

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    Default Re: Staining Limestone

    Limestone can be stained by a number of concrete stains including acid stain. For an even look, both previous suggestions are good. For ease of use, I have found no easier concrete stain that Tru Tint by Walttools. I picked it up from a local concrete supplier and have stained both concrete and limestone for old home restoration. It is water based so cleanup is a breeze and the color goes on easily by brush, roller or sprayer.

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