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    Default Turning water back on in an abandoned house

    Howdy all,
    Just bought a house that had been abandoned for the past 4 years and am having the water turned back on tomorrow when I can be there.

    It looks like the entire house was winterized previously so I'm wondering how to "de-winterize" the house. Are there any common problems and things I should be on the lookout for (other than leaks, etc.)? Is there a procedure like: step 1) turn heat on step 2) fill water tank for x hours step 3) turn water tank heater on step 4) bleed water lines for x hours....

    Also, since the house is a few hours away from where I live we will be working on the repairs during the weekends. The temperatures are currently 26 degrees at night and since I'm not 100% confident in the 1970's insulation on the pipes I think that I will want to winterize the house after every visit for the duration of the winter. Any steps for that?

    Many thanks,
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    Default Re: Turning water back on in an abandoned house

    Answered my own question...

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