Hi ,
I have a question about possible moisture in exterior walls.

We are getting our house painted, And the painting contractor discovered that we have cedar shingles installed over the old clapboard . The house is about 100 years old. The last time the house got painted was probably 10 years ago, maybe longer and a lot of the shingles have peeling paint. The contractor said that the shingles were wet ( moisture meter read 14%) and he said there maybe moisture coming through the wall . Is there a way to properly vent the walls so they will breath so my shingles won't rot from the inside out ? or should I take all the shingles off and either vinyl side or reshingle with cedar shingles . (Which I cannot afford)

The problem is is that when the previous owner reshingled the house and put the cedar shingles over the old clapboards and he did not create an air pocket between the old clapboards and the new cedar shingles . Around 2007 I had insulation blown into the walls .My guess is that because of the insulation blown into the walls combined with the cedar shingles over the clapboard that my walls are venting properly .

My final thought is the paint that was on the house is 10 years old and it did last 10 years so how bad can the moisture be if any ?

Any thoughts or input or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you so much.