We have a house from the 20s with pretty standard heating system - natural gas furnace in the basement with heated water running through cast iron radiators throughout the house. THe only place that is different is the kitchen which has two toe kick heaters instead that are on the same system. The heater is about 15 years old and in good condition.

The first year we were here we had no problems but this year I am having a really tough time getting the pressure where I need it. The regulator was changed out two years ago but seems to overfill the system. Even with that turned off, I seem to constantly be having to release water (or it comes out the pressure valve on it's own) or add after that. I've bled the system quite a few times and can't figure out why there would be such wide fluctuations. I should add that I also can hear what sounds like water dripping from within the pipes (but can't find drips anywhere) almost as if they are not full and the condensation is dripping back into the water below.

Any thoughts?