Hello Everyone! Thanks in advance for your input

I'm installing a totally new hot water baseboard system. I'm using a condensing combi boiler with 170,000 btu output at 91% efficiency, pex tubing, and hot water baseboard heaters. My baseboards put out 730 btu/ft at 180 degrees entering temperature.

This is my concern. I don't want to run loops that are too long such that they don't put out enough heat at the end of the loop. My living room requires 25 ft. of baseboard. I was hoping to take that into the den which requires about 10 ft. of baseboard. I know heating won't be 100% even doing it this way, but I want the den to be comfortable, even if slightly cooler than the living room. What's your thoughts guys?

I know this will save me A LOT in materials and labor. I have to open up the walls to install the pex tubing, and doing it this way keeps me from opening the walls in practically every room. Plus it cuts down on the cost of pex, which, though not expensive, every penny counts, you know?