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    Unhappy breezeway foundation

    Home recently purchased has enclosed breezeway between garage and kitchen. From the basement, there is a disconnected pipe that goes under the breezeway foundation and exits in the garage wall. The hole around the pipe reveals concrete foundation (floor of breezeway) above the pipe, but dirt below. Should this be a concern?

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    Default Re: breezeway foundation

    is it a pvc pipe? sound to me like someone was a good contractor or a good previous homeowner. my best guess is that someone ran a piece of pvc pipe to run future wires from the basement to the garage. when people do things like that it makes life so much easier for whomever is doing future work where something would have to be run from one space to the other. the perfect example of spending an extra $20 now to avoid having to spend $200 at a future date.

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    Well no idea!! I think you should concern to any professional!!

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