Hi. I'm new to forum and to DIY. Really could use some help.

Need to reinsulate attic (approx 625 s.f.) in brick home built around 1950, no insulation currently.
Pyramidal hip-roof with low slope rests right on the top of the house (facia lines up with roof edge and outside walls of house),and there aren't any soffit vents nor space for vents. There are two small box vents in roof.
It also appears that there is a gap between brick siding and house walls,; gap runs perimeter of attic. Difficult to tell how deep gap is, perhaps the height of house.

1-Could the gap be where insulation should be between drywall and brick exterior?

2-Can I use blow-in fiberglass insulation and go all the way to the gaps? Or should I block the insulation from getting into the gaps?

3-Do I need a vapor barrier before blowing insulation in (live in NJ).

4- Can insulation come in contact with electrical junction boxes/armored cables that provide electricity for 2nd floor ceiling fixtures and outlets?

Any help would be appreciated.