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    Unhappy Sandy Yard that wont grow grass

    Hey guys:
    I have a sandy soil yard in central florida. I have tried everything to get grass to grow in my yard. I have a very spotty yard with very sandy soil. I have tried many methods except replacing the yard with new sod. This is not an option due to budget contraints. Please help what can i do?

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    Default Re: Sandy Yard that wont grow grass

    It is likely that there is nothing there to feed the grass and keep it growing. Apply 4" of manure or compost, work it to a 6" depth and reseed/resod. Sod has a better chance of making a go of it because it's already green and growing, whereas seed requires quite a bit of care and nurturing before it starts to grow, and a good long while before it's substantial enough to walk on or be considered a "lawn".
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