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    Default Re: Installing window in shower, opinions?

    Thanks, but it appears the decent Brand Manufacturers here in Michigan won't sell to a homeowner dealer / contactor only. And having a single window replaced with the labor and mark up will be out of my budget. Hate when that happens but I guess that is why I am not so quick to pull off the trim to take a measurement. The well know brands don't sell to a homeowner guess it won't have any kind of warranty otherwsie. The few I did find want your personal info so they can have a dealer contact you...

    Guess big box is the only way unless I pay to have a single window replaced. Look at 3 big name window companies and they all seem to have the same thing. Guess that is another thing slowing me down. Cannot afford a contractor to do the remodel on my bath room or do all the windows in my home right now was hoping to do it myself and some help from friends. DIY is never easy...


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    Default Re: Installing window in shower, opinions?

    Manufacturers are guarding their distribution systems and protect their dealers. It's true in all industries. The end result is that the consumer pays for this protection.

    My experience with windows sold at HD and Lowes is not that bad. They carry brands like Pella and Jldlwen that seem to be fine in my area and my weather. I happened to know the owners of Pella and I wouldn't hesitate using them in a remodel.

    So if you are on a budget and want to replace just 1 window, have no fear and go with a big box store window.

    Back to the size issue: you will have to remove the trim sooner or later, so go ahead, gently remove it now so you can measure. If the window you find is slightly smaller than the rough opening, don't worry, you can fill in the space during installation.

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