With oil prices only going up, my husband and I are considering replacing our 60+ year old oil burning boiler. Heat is currently distributed via hot water to old cast iron radiators, typically one per room, although there are rooms with none. There is just one water loop, one zone. The furnace is also our on-demand hot water heater. We would like to start thinking about replacing the system with a direct vent gas unit. We added a gas line to the house shortly after we moved in but have nothing tied to it yet. We have a couple of future wish items for HVAC: we would like to have AC system, have the first floor and second floors on separate zones and have the capacity for radiant heat in a mud room and maybe the bathrooms. We may want to also provide climate control to the finished attic but I imagine on using a different system for it. Our hot water needs are currently for the 1.5 bathrooms, kitchen sink, and laundry. A dishwasher is also in our future.
We are interested in energy efficiency, ease of installing the system with limited impacted to the rest of the house and have a limited budget. What type of system would you recommend we look at? The house is approximately 750 sf per floor. We insulated the exterior walls with cellulose when we bought the 1885 house. The windows are double glazed vinyl, c. 1990s.
Thank you for your suggestions,
Wakefield, MA