Not sure if this is the right section. I've posted a few other questions on this forum and it's been great help.

I've got lung disease, live alone in a small house in Seattle built in 1978. To help with my breathing, I recently pulled out the carpets.

When I pulled the molding I noticed areas on the wallboard where there is noticeable 'rot' of some kind. The sheetrock on one corner came off in cakey little blocks in spots and the underlying wood seems... well not really 'wet' but definitely damaged... it's chocolate dark and also like 'cake'... breaks off in chunks.

Some background: I last looked in the crawl space in the summer and it seemed quite dry. I had the roof redone 5 years ago. A sales rep for the local utility said she noticed some -minor- mold in the attic last summer as part of an 'energy audit'.

OK: I guess my question is: assuming this 'rot' is not normal, who should I call to inspect/diagnose. I'm on a fixed income and I hate to sound like this, but I'm slightly terrified of any and all 'home improvement' contractors... I've had one too many bad experiences with not very ethical types (see my recent post on having my garage door fixed!)

Anyhoo... I don't know who to call to get some decent advice. Structural engineer? Carpenter? Although it rains a lot here, I never thought I'd have to deal with this sort of thing having had the roof done so recently.

And then, how does one -vet- such a person?