I have a small compost heap that should be a LARGE compost heap, but I have a problem: we have TONS of vines and small bushes. Honeysuckle, jasmine, g****s, camellia, tomatoes, rhododendrons, etc.

Normally, I run the smaller ones over with a lawn mower, but that's not very efficient... plus it gets fouled with many of the larger ones.

I have an electric 'chipper' that works -fine- for sticks but is -useless- for anything flexible... which is 90% of what we have.

SO: Is there any relatively inexpensive machine you can recommend which will reliably grind/chop the above plant material. If we could find one, we'd never have to purchase compost -again-.

Discovery Channel style thought MACHETE? I have a crappy Harbor Freight one that doesn't work at all, but I was thinking if there was one that was -scalpel- sharp, perhaps I could cut them down to 12" segments easily and -then- run them down with the lawnmower.