Last month I had a new composition shingle roof with new 2 drip metal edge put on my house. The house is a split level triplex (two stories in back, three in front), built into a Southern California hillside. The fascia on my house is angled, and the edge of the shiplap overhangs the fascia by about an inch. The roofer gave me the option of having the shiplap edge shaved back so the drip edge metal would wrap tight against the fascia, but he said it would be fine either way, so I left it as it was.

Last week I had installers put up gutters. The first thing they did was cut vertical strips into the drip edge metal, which they said was needed for the spikes to go through. (Although I was originally told that I could have invisible hangers, when the crew arrived the foreman said that due to the angle of the fascia, spikes and ferrules was really the only option. I had read something about using wedges with angled fascia, but was told it was not necessary with spikes and ferrules.) In some portions of the gutter, the spikes do go through the cuts that were made in the drip edge metal, but in many other sections the spikes were put in just level with or below the drip edge.

At this point I am confused. The gutter company told me that the crew can use sealant on the drip metal edges and that would work to close up the cuts and prevent rust from forming. But is it really okay for the spikes and ferrules to go into the fascia below the drip edge? Since the back of the gutters do not go up high behind the drip edge, will water splash up and damage the fascia? And should wedges have been used to tighten the distance between the drip edge and the gutters? Now a roofer (not the one who put on the roof) has told me that I should have the gutters taken down and new drip edge installed. The roofer also said that the right sealant would work on the drip edge cuts if I wanted to leave things in place, but for areas that are easily visible it would be not be attractive. (Only at one section of the house is it really obvious.) At this point, I am seeking sound advice for the best ways to proceed. Thank you in advance for your responses.