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    Just opened the new TOH magazine and the Home Solutions article page 26 suggests using old wine bottles for storing chemicals!!!!\NO, NO, NO & NEVER, NEVER, Ever do that. That is an invitation to poisoning someone.

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    One would think that the bottles would be de-imaged, then relabeled with the new contents. Let me ask you this, when you reuse a soup can or yogurt container, do you just put shit in it or do you label it accordingly?

    While I am not a proponent of using colored glass to repurpose for anything, let alone chemicals, at some point in life you either have to think for yourself or succumb to Darwinism, either way the world will be a better place.
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    What the article probably ment, was that storing left over chemicals in GLASS is better than leaving them in their original plastic containers, that tend to break down, discolor and leak over time.

    BTW, storing them under the kitchen sink is not a good idea.

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